Build Your 6-Figure Business & Life of Your Dreams

Let me guess

✔️You’ve got limited hours to work on growing your business and aren’t sure how you are going to scale to 6-figures without sacrificing your sanity, your family or your well-being

✔️You are hustling for clients and doing all the “right” things to consistently have a full and booked out roster with a waitlist of clients begging to work with you but aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for

✔️You have an expertise to share but aren’t clear on your brand message, ideal client, and the unique solution you have for their problem. You are ready for clarity and simplicity in your business that will bring results for your clients and cash flow for you! 

✔️You’ve done the courses and group coaching but are ready for a coach and mentor who is partnered with you and your goals and is like a second brain for your business. 

✔️You are changing up your offers and/or marketing plan every 2.7 seconds and are ready to have a sustainable plan to bring in consistent clients, hit consistent $10k months and live your ideal lifestyle now 




Hitting consistent 5-figure months in your business with a simple and predictable sales and marketing plan

Selling out your offers and serving your audience in a bigger way that leads to more impact and income

Working less and being more present with your family because you cut the fluff in your online business and are focused on what actually matters and drives growth 

Having the time and money freedom to make decisions that you didn’t think would be possible yet, like quit your 9-5, take that dream vacay, start an investment fund, and more 

Having complete clarity and confidence in yourself, your business and your plan for growth in all areas of your life


Are You Wondering...

How can I really build a six figure business while working less than 20 hours a week?!

There’s many people on the interwebs telling you their tride and true method for how to grow your business income to 6-figures or how to sell out your offer or how to launch your group coaching program into the world. 

And they’re all fine and dandy, but in the back of you’re mind you are wondering how in the world will this work with you continuing to live the life you desire with your kids. You aren’t willing to sacrifice that time with your family and work more hours just to make more money.

Don’t get me wrong, you like money and you want to make more of it and you know you’re capable of making more of it and helping your clients in a bigger way…

You just don’t want to work more.

This is why our pursuit of Ambitious Motherhood has to be approached from a different angle. 

You can’t hustle your way to 6-figures and if you’re committed to building your full time income on what I like to call “nap time hours” then simplicity, strategy and support are the components you need to get you there the quickest.

Coaching and mentorship gives me the opportunity to collapse the amount of time and money it will take you to get from where you are today to that six figure income.

And with how fast our kids are growing and changing, we don’t have time or money to waste. Let’s do this thing!


Results From My Clients

  • Crossed the 6-figure mark in just over 3 months of working together
  • Raised her prices and booked a paid in full 4-figure client on her next sales call
  • Doubled her client base and has a waitlist
  • Left her corporate job and now has the time and space to be present with her family and continue to grow her business
  • Fully booked out her 1 on 1 package that allows her the flexibility to be present with her kids and travel more
  • Cut back on the amount of childcare help she had because she no longer needed to work as much in her business
  • Generated a monthly recurring revenue of $10,000 and growing

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Family or Lifestyle?

Your 3 month private coaching package includes

  • 9 45-minute one-on-one coaching calls with me (3 per month with 1 week for implementation)
  • Accountability Check-ins for support in between calls and to push the boundaries on what you think is possible
  • Full access to me via a private Slack channel to celebrate wins, provide feedback and support when you need clarity on your next step
  • Tools, Templates & Resources to help you on your unique journey so that you’re not Googling and reading blog posts for things you don’t need right now! My systems and automation brain has got you covered girl!

Katie Ferro

I’ve been working with Katie Fleming for about 4 months now. I came to her with too many ideas and tired of testing. 

I was 3 months pregnant at the time. Now I’m 6 months pregnant and my scatter brain is gone. 

She helped me figure out my direction, any my favorite part is she helped me find the answers I had within me. 

I immediately had a $2500 launch of a group program and then leaned in to the part of my business that’s working, but in an aligned way. 

My clients have DOUBLED. My income was already decent but is now built around a consistent, recurring client base that brings me $10k/month, with more calls booked. 

Best part? I work LESS. Because I’m no longer testing and doing things out of alignment. 

She’s so accessible. Also excellent at copy!

She takes my thoughts and makes them clear!

Cannot recommend her enough.


Rachel Friend

I just have to praise Katie Fleming because she is somebody who has really helped me get out of my own way when it comes to my online business. Having a passion and wanting to share it is actually not enough, you need to have a plan and Katie gave me that plan. She showed me how to execute my method and really tighten it up so that my clients could get what I really wanted them to get from the experience. Because of her I’ve had multiple wins, I’ve booked more clients than ever and really fine tuned my mission and I’m just so grateful for it. Katie, thank you for this, being my second brain and I’m just so grateful that our paths cross and that you helped me take my business to the next level. Your methods work!


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