MOMS are you ready to build a profitable business on nap time hours?

Book out your client roster, get paid to do what you love, & make consistent income online all without the burnout or sacrificing your family life.

Imagine if You Could Build a Profitable Business on "Nap Time" Hours

Are You Ready To...

👉🏽 Book out your client roster consistently with ideal clients ready to work with you and experience your unique expertise

👉🏽 Make consistent income online through a leveraged and scalable offer that brings your clients results

👉🏽 Execute your own business and marketing plan so that you can build your business on nap time hours


What's Inside the

The MBA is Katie's mentorship program because girl, we know the last thing you need is more info...

You know the info, you've read all the blog posts, you've browsed Pinterest for hours and done all the free trainings but booked out and consistent income online without sacrificing your family life hasn't happened for you yet...and that's where the M.B.A. comes in!

The Mompreneur Business Accelerator (a.k.a. the M.B.A.) is Katie's 90-day coaching experience where you will journey through her 3 part framework to building your full time on nap time hours business through customized coaching and support through weekly calls.

We know you are craving support and a fresh set of eyes on your content and business. This is what mentorship can provide which is why you'll gain direct access to Katie so that she can provide feedback, guidance and mentorship in real time.


This is For You If...

✓ You know you've got skills and an expertise...but can't see how it can be monetized without taking you away from your family more

✓ You've had a trickle in of interest and clients but never consistent income or a booked out client roster

✓You are a legit boss at what you do but when it comes to getting your name out there and marketing your services, you're lost

✓ You want to be more available for your family and see an online business as your way to quit that 9-5 and have more time freedom to focus on what matters most

✓ You've got a huge heart for impact and have so much to share but aren't share how you can get your message in front of more people without the burnout 


The M.B.A. Methodology

How Does This Process Work?

Step One | Define Your Message

Define who you are talking to and the core problem that they want you to solve for them! You will learn how to speak to your ideal client and attract a flood of clients who are ready to pay you and get results! The nichier the better (yes...that's a word)

Step Two | Design Your Offer

Design your leveraged and scalable offer. You will learn the best ways to structure your offer to serve at the highest level and help your clients achieve the highest transformation possible so that you can show up as your best self for you, your family and your clients.

Step Three | Deliver Your Marketing Plan

Deliver your marketing plan. You will learn how to build out your own unique marketing plan that works with your own unique life, business and personality. Set the plan once and execute daily by balancing working in your business and on your business. No more feast or famine in your client roster. 

Ready For This?

By the End of the Mompreneur Business Accelerator

✓ Are you ready for a business model that fits into your ideal mom life and gives you the choices to show up as the best version of yourself for you, your family and your clients?

✓ Are you ready to have a simple and effective system that brings in leads and converts them into high paying clients that are begging to work with you?

✓ Are you ready to know exactly what you need to do to grow your business and take care of your clients when you sit down to work. No more wondering what's next when you have a clear project management system that allows you to build a profitable business on "nap time" hours without burnout. 

✓ Are you ready to discover how simple sales is when you believe in your offer and you believe in the person who wants to apply it to their life! Show up to sales calls with the posture you need to sell with confidence.



If You Are Ready to Build Your Profitable Business on "Nap Time"


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