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095 Feeding Your Family Well as a Busy Mom Entrepreneur with Amy Vig

Today on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast Katie Fleming is talking with Amy Vig about her journey in motherhood and business and how today, she uses her expertise to guide parents to feed their families well without stress, overwhelm and endless prep and clean-up. Listen in as she shares hacks, strategies, and systems to help you with feeding your family well.  

Meet Amy: 

Amy is a natural foods chef, culinary instructor, and recipe writer who specializes in making whole, real, unprocessed food delicious. She's also a parent, just like you. Which means she knows that you probably don't want to spend all your time cooking and thinking about food and yet you really do want to feed your family well. This challenge is what inspired Amy to start Cooking with a Full Plate and her podcast, Feel Good Family Food, where she shares her best tips, tricks, and strategies for raising healthy kids (and parents) without all the stress and struggle.


  • (3:10) Meet Amy
  • ...
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093 6 Figures on Etsy Working 20 Hours or Less a Week with Lauren Keplinger

Have you ever thought about starting an Etsy business to sell something you have created? On today’s episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we are talking with Lauren Keplinger about her journey of starting and growing her Etsy business to where it is today.

Meet Lauren: 

Lauren Keplinger is an Etsy seller and coach for like-minded Etsy entrepreneurs. She started her shop, Funky Monkey Children, in 2012, and built it to a six-figure business with over $170,000 in annual revenue. She blogs and podcasts about selling on Etsy over at Creative Mom Boss and her digital course, Etsy Roadmap to Success teaches Etsy shop owners to take their shop from an inconsistent side hustle to a consistent income they can depend on.



  • (2:04) Meet Lauren 
  • (2:44) Lauren’s desires when she started her business
  • (5:26) What Lauren’s Etsy shop looked like when she first started
  • (6:17) Streamlining her product offering 
  • (8:42) Lauren’s...
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089 Your 6 Figure Foundation with Katie Fleming

Aspiring to reach 6 figures in your online business? In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, we dive into the two crucial questions you need to ask yourself to begin structuring your business and life in a way that is ideal for you.


  • (1:56) Katie’s vision for her business
  • (3:25) Laying the foundation for 6 figures
  • (4:57) Living the business dream vs living your dream
  • (9:42) Question #1
  • (12:43) Bonus question
  • (16:44) Question #2
  • (19:27) Build a business that is going to serve yourself and your family
  • (20:03) Hitting your income goals on your own terms
  • (24:10) What Katie is loving and reading

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084 Why Network Marketing is Your Next Smart Business Move with Katie Fleming & Allison Hardy

Do you love the idea of the network marketing business model but don’t love the way you’ve seen others build it using social media? Do you crave leveraged residual income, community, and love being paid while you’re sleeping? In this episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast Katie Fleming is talking with Allison Hardy on why network marketing is your next smart business move and how partnering with the right company can be added to your business and done well without compromising your integrity, cold messaging, bugging family and friends and all the things that aren’t so cool about the way network marketing has been done in the past. On today’s episode, we are flipping the script on how you can build network marketing the new way that brings in leads and signs clients and business builders without spamming your network!


  • (1:30) Meet Allison
  • (2:11) Why Allison was interested in adding network marketing to her business
  • (6:20) Reason #1:...
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080 The 4 Rhythms & Routines You Need as a Mom Entrepreneur with Katie Fleming

If you've been wanting to establish stronger rhythms and routines in your day to help you be more effective in your mom life and business but can't seem to make anything stick, then this episode is for you. In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, we speak to the 4 rhythms and routines you can add to your day to anchor yourself and increase productivity and effectiveness.


  • (2:51) Benefits of strong rhythms and routines
  • (4:06) Making the four rhythms and routines your own
  • (8:01) Routine #1: Before the kids get up 
  • (13:05) Routine #2: Before you start work for the day
  • (15:28) Routine #3: Before you transition out of work for the day and into mom mode
  • (20:08) Routine #4: Before you go to bed 
  • (22:40) How will you be using these routines?
  • (25:10) What Katie is loving & reading

Links to Connect:

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077 Teachers Selling Resources Online with Kayse Morris

Are you a teacher turned stay at home mom or are you a teacher wanting to grow an income on the side of teaching? Listen in to this episode to hear how Kayse Morris can help you learn how to sell your resources online and create an income outside of your teaching career.

Meet Kayse:

Kayse Morris is a former English and Language Arts teacher that now specializes in helping teachers transition from the classroom to online marketers by selling their teaching resources online. She’s been featured on Amazon LIVE, Georgia Public Television, and Sirius XM radio.

She speaks to teachers all over the world and inspires them to start living again by turning their passion into purpose. She is passionate about helping teachers live a life they love and make the income they've always dreamed of.


  • (2:25) Meet Kayse
  • (3:43) Why Kayse transitioned from teaching to online entrepreneur
  • (6:17) How Kayse helps her clients and the kind of transformation they see
  • (7:19) Kayse’s...
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074 Preparing for a Productive & Playful Summer With Kids with Katie Fleming

Summer is right around the corner! For many of you, it’s here! Have you taken the time to thoughtfully plan and prepare for a productive and playful summer with your kids? In this episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Katie Fleming chats through the 3 core elements you need to weave into your summer, rest, play & work and gives practical ways to implement and have the best summer ever!


  • (1:07) Meet Katie
  • (1:57) Preparing for a productive and playful summer
  • (2:52) Looking at your change of pace
  • (5:13) Planning for play
  • (8:40) Invest in play for yourself, not just for your family
  • (10:35) Planning for rest
  • (12:23) Having loose routines during the summer
  • (14:12) Planning for work
  • (17:02) The 80/20 principle
  • (19:57) Having a way to track and store the ideas that come to you
  • (22:33) Start putting feelers out to see how others are doing summer
  • (23:22) Practical time-saving tips
  • (27:46) Share with the Ambitious Motherhood community how you are...
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072 How to Build a Profitable Business With a Small Audience & Limited Time with Katie Fleming

You are building your online business while raising your family! Odds are you’re probably feeling like you have a limited audience and you definitely have limited time...hello mom life. How can you build a highly profitable and highly impactful online business on your limited time with your small audience? The answer lies in creating a high ticket offer or as I like to call it, a high transformation offer. Listen in to this episode to learn how you can create your high transformational offer and be well paid to create epic change in your clients’ lives.


  • (1:00) Episode Introduction
  • (2:33) How you begin building a profitable business with limited time, resources and audience
  • (4:28) Transitioning into multiple income streams
  • (6:44) Creating a high ticket offer
  • (8:09) Focusing on your ideal clients needs
  • (10:12) Serving the audience who wants the highest transformation
  • (12:42) Knowing who you are talking to
  • (14:11) Being the solution to your ideal clients...
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