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002 How to Get the Biggest Return on Investment


If you’re a mom wanting to find a way to make money from home so you can stay home with your new baby or lessen the burden on your household, then the $1k Mom™ community is for you!

If you’re a gal working to make her business successful but you feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Then this community is for you!

If you’re a network marketer trying to grow your business and income by growing a successful “brand” then this community is for you! Learn what it means to brand yourself and grow your income and influence!


Have you ever invested money into a business, training, a coach or something else?

Do you think you got a return on your investment?

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Let’s talk about how to set yourself up for success to get the highest return on your investment whether you’re working with a coach, ordering a program, buying a new weight loss product, joining a network marketing...

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001 What It Means to Be a $1k Momâ„¢ with Katie Fleming

Your body is talking, but are you listening to what it has to say? My guest today is Laura Hames Franklin, who’s returning to the podcast to reveal the true role that your physical body plays in your life. I’m excited to bring you this one because I’ve worked with Laura for years and I’ve seen firsthand the transformative work that she’s done on me!

In this episode you’ll learn:

The way to access your subconscious mind through your body’s wisdom
Why going to the gym and doing yoga is great, but they might not be enough…
What has to happen before we can really start working with our bodies
How Laura applies the realizations she’s made about her body to her own business
A practical exercise you can do now to feel amazing!
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Episode 097: How to Think...

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