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023 Homeschooling as a Work at Home Mom with Karrie Chariton

Have you ever wondered what it might look like to homeschool your kids while you’re building an online business? In today’s episode, we talk with Karrie Chariton about her homeschool and work balance.

Meet Karrie

Karrie is a Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Manager specializing in Pinterest, and Wellness Coach teaching families how to rid their homes of toxic chemicals and taking control of their health through essential oils. She is a wife, mom, and homeschool teacher to 3 kiddos ages: 10, 13, & 16.


  • (1:10) Meet Karrie
  • (2:06) What started Karrie down the entrepreneurial path
  • (4:25) How did people originally find Karrie to hire her
  • (6:45) What is Karrie’s expertise?
  • (8:40) Give Tailwind a try, what Karrie uses to manage Pinterest (totally what I recommend as well…email me if you have questions [email protected])
  • (12:50) How does Karrie manage homeschooling and running a business?
  • (15:41) What hard boundaries have you put up in your home...
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022 How to Take Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur with Sharice Enis

As moms running businesses, when we have a baby or some kind of life change, we have to take the time to prepare our business and household for a new baby. Some mompreneurs feel like they can’t take an adequate amount of maternity leave but today on the $1k Mom podcast we talk to Sharice Enis who has prepared her business and household for 12 weeks off of complete maternity leave! Listen to today’s episode to hear her wisdom on how she is making it happen!

Meet Sharice

Sharice is a digital marketing tech nerd, strategist, and entrepreneur behind Sharice & CO a virtual assistant business helping busy entrepreneurs free up their time. Through her virtual assistant business, she is here to help you systemize, strategize and streamline your business without spending hours in front of the computer.

When she’s not behind the computer you can find her indulging in a long stroll down the aisles of Target, quality time with her family and the occasional gluten-free...

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5 Steps to Build Your Network Marketing Website

You might be wondering, “why do I need a website for my network marketing business if my company gives me a website”!

Great question friend!

The simple answer is, differentiation. Plain and simple. When you got started with building your network marketing business you were 1 distributor among a sea of other distributors from the same company.

How do you stand out?

How do you position yourself as an expert?

How do you become the person everyone wants to work with and buy from in your company?

The answer lies in differentiating yourself and building a personal brand and it all starts with a website!

What if I told you that you could build a website in as little as 5 simple steps and with a cost of less than $40?

Today I’m going to walk you through the 5 simple steps to building your network marketing website!

Step 1 | Set up hosting

What is hosting? Web hosting is a service that companies provide where essentially they are renting you space on their servers...

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021 How to Declutter Your Home For Maximum Efficiency with Lisa Zawrotny

Have you ever wanted to declutter your home but didn’t know where to start? You could feel your home draining your energy because of all of the clutter and things that were constantly out, unorganized and out of place.

In this episode on the $1k Mom podcast, we talk with Lisa Zawrotny about her unique approach to home organization, productivity and business and how our stuff that is in our environment plays a huge role in our family life, work life and personal life.

Before you grab the trash bags and declutter your space, give this episode a listen, because the stuff is not truly what it’s about.

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  • (0:40) Who is Lisa Zawrotny
  • (2:15) How did you end up in this Life Coaching niche?
  • (6:20) The residual effects of physically organizing your home
  • (10:50) What brings you joy in your home? This is the ultimate goal of organizing your home
  • (11:15) How do we begin to define what those most important things are
  • ...
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020 How Kim Santillo Left Her Corporate Career to be a Mompreneur

Hindsight is 20/20 and in this episode, you’ll hear more about Kim Santillo’s journey towards leaving her corporate career to become a full-time mompreneur. What would she have done differently if she could do it all over again? If you are considering making the jump to full-time entrepreneurship, consider if you are the type of person who needs a plan or a push out of the nest to figure it out! Give this episode a listen!

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Meet Kim

In 2017, Kim Santillo took the big leap and left a well-paying job in the corporate world to start creating life on her own terms. Through her company Virtual Sanity, Kim partners with 6-7 figure business owners to help them to focus on what they truly love. Whether she’s helping them build a community and brand through social media, systemizing their back end, or simply freeing up some of their time with project management, she truly takes a vested interest in her client’s...

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019 How to Define Your Core Values to Be a Confident Mom and Mompreneur with Crystal Stautzenberger

As mompreneurs we are often battling finding confidence in being a mom and also being an entrepreneur. In today’s chat with Crystal from the Soul in the Raw Podcast & Coaching, we talk about how to use your core values to find confidence in motherhood and business as a mompreneur.

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Meet Crystal

Crystal is a certified Life Coach, Podcaster, co-owner of “Soul In The Raw Coaching”, co-author of “The Soul Shift Guide” E-Journal, Mama, Christ follower, and instigator of joy. She has a heart to help you live life intentionally, even when that means being brave and afraid at the same time. Each day she works with people to redefine their definition of success, release limiting beliefs, uncover their core values, and create a life/business dynamic that is fulfilling.


  • (1:27) Who is Crystal?
  • (2:41) Early days as an entrepreneur
  • (3:40) Finding alignment in your work
  • (5:57) Examples of...
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017 Network as a Mom & Build Your Business Faster Through Connections

Networking as a mom and building connections to grow our businesses is often hard when we are raising kids, home bound with potty training toddlers and consumed with playing taxi for all the activities our family is involved in. There is no doubt about it that making genuine connections and networking can be what makes the difference in growing your business and can help you grow it faster!

In today’s podcast episode with Andrea Delucia, we talk about motherhood, business and networking as moms.

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Meet Andrea

Andrea DeLucia also known as (Andy) is a wife and mother of 4 she a serial mom-pruner, COACH, SPEAKER, AND CEO. She is the former owner of Elegance & Grace Weddings and the founder of Elite Workshop. With 13 years experience in planning and designing luxury weddings  Andrea has received many awards and recognition for her top notch She has designed campaigns working with National brand companies such as UGG...

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018 Work at Home Mom Challenges & 3 Steps to Deal With Unexpected Change

There are work at home mom challenges that we deal with on a daily basis! It’s hard stuff! When you’re a mom and you work from home, sometimes your plans (as awesome and well intentioned and systematized as they are) can go to crap…in a heartbeat.

In today’s bonus episode on the $1k Mom podcast, Katie is sharing 3 steps to take when your work at home mom plans go crazy! We can lose it or we can get it together and do these 3 things.


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When this happens. As a mom, running a household and a business, there are a few ways we can react.

The first way is, we can lose it and just flip out. Letting it control our entire day. Letting our day run us and be ruined by an uncontrollable situation!

The better and sometimes harder thing to do, is to say OK…this is what has happened, now how do we solve it? And then get yourself into problem solving mode!

Define those non negotiable things for the day....
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016 How to Automate Your Small Business as a Mom

In this conversation with Sarah Crosley we talk about her journey from starting an etsy business to using automation, tools and passive income to scale her business while homeschooling and raising her family.

I got my start in a similar place as Sarah, creating Etsy shops, figuring out how many keychains I’d have to sell to make a viable income. I quickly realized just like Sarah, that with the price point of my shop, it just wasn’t feasible. In this case, don’t give up, just pivot! All the steps along the way matter in leading up to your next best thing!

Meet Sarah

Sarah is the founder and lead designer of The Creative Boss. After years of running handmade shops on Etsy and scouring the interwebs for tips and advice on how to grow and succeed online, she knew that there needed to be a change! The Creative Boss was launched to offer a one stop shop for busy creatives who want to succeed online with ease.


  • How to instill creativity and...
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How to Make Instagram Story Highlight Cover Photos

When it comes to social media, hands down, my most favorite place to hang out is on Instagram, specifically on Instagram Stories! Have you used Instagram Stories?!!? Of course, always do your research to figure out where your ideal customer is hanging out on social media, but if it’s Instagram, get on Instagram Stories, now!!! 

Sharing 10-11 Instagram stories a day is powerful for two reasons.

  1. It allows you to find your authentic voice in the online space. If you feel nervous to share, on social media, then do my Instagram Story hack and share 10-12 stories a day for a week! See if you don’t come into your own true voice!
  2. It allows your audience to connect with you at a more personal level. When they connect, they’ll start caring more about what you’re sharing on your profile, on your blog, and most importantly, they’ll start caring more about what you’re selling!

If you are trying to create a personal brand and monetize that brand,...

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