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034 Overcoming Post Partum Depression as a Mompreneur with Heaven Leigh Griffin

Post-Partum depression is not something moms should have to go through alone or in silence. I loved this conversation with Heaven Leigh Griffin, talking about this season of motherhood for her and how she overcame post-partum depression and her heart to help other women overcome it as well. You do not have to go through that alone momma, reach out!

Meet Heaven Leigh

Heaven Leigh is a Business Coach & Wealth Mentor and the founder of Her Divine Wealth, a platform for the boss lady ready to manifest her divine wealth and create the freedom and success she desires through a thriving business. Combining her passions for a woman’s powers, such as intuition, and business strategies, she has scaled her business to work with clients on their divine feminine and masculine energies to create the perfect business balance.

Heaven Leigh is a boy mom and Wealth & Business Coach who empowers women to build a successful business through wealth consciousness & manifestation. Her...

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032 Creating Your Mom Wardrobe With More Style & Less Stress with Jennifer Mackey-Mary

In this episode, I get to chat with Jennifer Mackey-Mary of Apple & Pear Wardrobe! We talk about how to create your stylish mom wardrobe with less stress! This was such a fun conversation and I know you’ll love!

What if you could walk into your closet and enjoy picking out something to wear?


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Mackey-Mary is a wardrobe stylist who’s on a mission to make style simple for women at every stage. Over the last 17 years, she’s helped thousands of women cut through the clutter in their closets, and build stylish wardrobes that make getting dressed fun and easy. Jennifer is passionate about raising confident daughters, watching historical dramas on PBS, and getting every woman in America in a better bra.

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031 3 Big Mistakes New Business Owners Make with Melissa Morris

When starting a new business there are a lot of things to focus on! In this interview with Melissa Morris, she talks through the 3 common mistakes most new business owners face! Dive into this episode to learn about client onboarding, why you need a process and how to set this up as well as the 3 mistakes to avoid when starting your business!


Meet Melissa

Melissa Morris is a Business Operations Consultant. She helps busy online entrepreneurs implement systems and automation in their business reducing overwhelming and priming them for growth. Melissa loves karaoke, sushi and spending time with her husband and two kids.

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030 Make Good Friends – How to Remove the Energy Vampires from Your Life with Sarah Argenal

“Make Good Friends.” Do you remember how your parents would say that to you as you left the house when you were a kid? Now that we are adults, how often do we think about the friends and people we surround ourselves with? How often do we think about the energy that they contribute to our lives, positive or negative?

In this episode, I am highlighting Sarah Argenal, founder of Working Parent Resource and we are talking all about relationships, especially as a working mom.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Argenal is the Founder and CEO of the Working Parent Resource and Host of the Working Parent Resource Podcast. Sarah consults with burned out working parents to help them reduce stress, optimize their time, improve their relationships and escape survival mode for good. She has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy and Adult Development and is a Certified Professional Coach with 20 years of experience in psychotherapy,...

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029 Create Your Simplified Cleaning Routine in 30 Minutes a Day with Kendra Hennessy

Have you ever gone to Pinterest to try and find a cleaning routine or come up with a magic plan that will make you and your home more put together and clean?

In today’s episode, we are talking with Kendra Hennessy of Mother Like a Boss about how to clean our entire house in 30 minutes a day! You’ll get tips, tricks, the routines and a link to the full list and Trello board to help you stay organized!


Meet Kendra

Kendra Hennessy is a home management expert, podcast host and the founder of Mother like a Boss, where she helps busy modern moms become “homemakerish.” Her mission is to redefine homemaking in the 21st century and make the difficult and tedious parts of running your home smoother through systems, routines, and mindset shifts. She lives in upstate NY with her husband Adam and their two spunky kiddos, Ava and Everett. Kendra is a Girl Scout co-leader, quoter of The Office and coffee junkie. She loves giving support and encouragement to...

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028 How to Create a Strategic Plan to Grow Your Income Online with Sara Lingenfelter

Starting an online business as a mom is not an easy task, Thank goodness for people like Sara Lingenfelter to help you make a strategic plan to accomplish your income goals online. In today’s episode of the 1k Mom Podcast, we interview Sara, from Your Virtual Biz Partner and she helps us navigate the online world and make money strategically as a mom and business owner.


Meet Sara

Online entrepreneur and owner of Virtual Biz Partner, Sara Lingenfelter made a life-changing discovery in 2011 after a bit of soul-searching. Sara got clear that she wanted to work at home and have time with her then 2-year-old son. She decided she wanted to be in control of her future and be available for every one of her son’s milestones. The world of Virtual Assistance opened up a real passion for online business, systems and technology. In no time, her business was fully booked, and she went from being a VA to become a Certified Online Business Manager where she helped busy...

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027 3 Steps to Creating a More Organized and Stress Free Home with Marie Jackson

Creating a stress-free home and environment is as easy as 1-2-3. In today’s episode, Marie Jackson walks us through the 3 steps to organizing and creating a stress-free home.


Meet Marie

An innate organizer and planner. A working mom to two with a third on the way. A veteran of Corporate America for ten plus years. A Fargo native and sports lover.

Creator of The Organized Planner which is designed for the working mom to help manage and organize personal and work life.

Organized Marie is a place for working moms to create simple, everyday organizing solutions for their home. Every working mom can have an organized, stress-free home.

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026 How to Make Self Care a Priority with Shelly Robinson

Self care is something that is so necessary but often overlooked in motherhood today. Self-care is not a one size fits all for mothers and changes day to day. Begin today with this episode with Shelly Robinson and discover what fills you up as a mother and serves as your self care!

Sometimes, I’m not going to lie, self-care is taking a shower with no kids barging in while jamming out to Justin Timberlake on my Amazon Alexa.



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Meet Shelly

Shelly Robinson is the owner of Alively, a self-care subscription box for moms packed with wellness goodies and empowering activities designed to help you put the pep back in your step and the spunk back in your spirit. Think of it as self-care on cruise control.

Her mission in life is to be a seed planter, a hope spreader, and a truth teller so that moms know down to their core that they are worthy of a happy, purposeful life.

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025 How to Organize Your To Do List From a Brain Dump with Stacey Ogden

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do list? As moms, we are juggling all the things for all the people and in today’s episode, Stacey Ogden walks us through a very tactical way of going from a brain dump of everything you have to handle and organizing that into a strategic to-do list.

Listen in and definitely let me know your AHA moments on Instagram! I’d love to see you trying this process out for yourself right alongside me.


Meet Stacey

Stacey Ogden is the founder and owner of the Busy Mom Collective. Through her podcast of the same name, and working one-on-one with clients, she helps working moms and mompreneurs master their schedules, own their time, and conquer their out of control to-do lists. She lives in western Connecticut with her husband, 7 year old daughter, and German Shepherd puppy where she teaches middle school music and runs a local chapter of Business Among Moms.

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024 How to Build an Engaged Facebook Group and Community with Becky Mollenkamp

When building an online business, the main goal should always and forever be, more engagement and more connection with your people in your tribe.

Facebook groups can be one of the best places to build authentic community, create an engaged following and provide immense value. In today’s episode, we talk with Becky Mollenkamp on how she has organically and authentically created a highly engaged Facebook Group in less than a year! She is sharing the strategy and tactics behind building an engaged Facebook Group.


Meet Becky

Becky Mollenkamp began her career as a journalist, working as a staff reporter for a daily newspaper and an editor for one of the country’s largest magazines. She left the 9-to-5 grind in 2005 to become a freelance writer, eventually shifting her focus to corporate writing. Today, she helps other freelancers with mindset and strategy so they can own their authority and crush their goals. She has a large Facebook group, Own it Crush it, and...

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