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043 Tactics to Launch Your Business with Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa has honed her expertise over the years and really perfected her craft. Creating sales pages for her clients is her strength as well as showing other designers how to create a strong niche for themselves in the field. Listen in to hear her story.

Meet Melissa

Melissa Burkheimer is an award winning graphic designer, creative director + design visionary who helps well-known thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and personality brands create the BEST websites in their industry.

Today, her design studio stays at the forefront of the digital marketing industry by designing web sites and sales pages that elevate her customers' brands, products and services with the iconic design they deserve.

Her mission is simple: help her customers create identities + websites easily so they can spend their time doing the things they love. Melissa also mentors freelance web designers who want to grow 6-figure businesses and has been featured in Daily Worth, Social Media Examiner, and...

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042 5 Steps to Get Healthy Dinners on the Table Every Night with Jasmine Schmalhaus

Have you ever stepped in the kitchen with hungry kids and have no idea what to cook for dinner? In today's episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Jasmine Schmalhaus walks us through the 5 steps to planning simple, quick and healthy dinners for your family.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Schmalhaus, ‘JazzyThings,' traded in her corporate life for a life of creating taste bud parties. She is the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned, the host of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, and the author of over 10 healthy cookbooks.

With thousands of healthy recipes introduced into households across the world, her continuous mission is to prove that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun.


  • Meet Jasmine (00:30)
  • 5 tips for planning healthy dinners (03:30)
  • Plan your week with themes (05:25)
  • Compile and organize recipe (06:40)
  • Taking into account the things you have on hand and in your pantry (7:20)
  • Rotating change (8:15)
  • Display your meal plan, yes or no? (9:50)
  • How to create healthier...
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041 Overcoming Mom Guilt with Sanja Hatter

Balancing motherhood and running businesses is not easy when mom guilt creeps in. In today’s podcast episode with Sanja Hatter, co-founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter and Director of Operations for The Hatter Group, we talk about juggling motherhood and business and all the expectations and mom guilt that go along with that.



Meet Sanja

Sanja Hatter is the co-founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter and the Director of Operations for The Hatter Group, LLC. She is an expert in “giftology”, and has an unparalleled talent for fostering and maintaining relationships. Sanja loves to teach how she gets the attention of influencers you “can’t reach”, creating win win scenarios to create true lasting relationships.

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040 Building a Global Brand as a New Mom with Jennifer Blossom

Jennifer Blossom is building a global lifestyle brand as a new mom. In episode number 40 of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Jennifer and Katie talk about all the things motherhood and business and how to balance them well. Topics like what it means to be a Proverbs 31 Woman, how Jennifer started her brand and utilizing social media to grow your brand and spread your message are just a few of the conversations had.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Blossom is a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and Certified Infant Massage Instructor ® on a mission to change the world one family at a time. After struggling with years of anxiety, overwhelm, and extreme eating + exercise habits, she’s using her past to create a leading lifestyle brand that services women and children all over the world on habits of healthy living through nutrition, exercise, stress management, and holistic wellbeing. Jennifer is a mother of one and wife to her Alaskan hubby, Brian.

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039 How Catherine Middlebrooks is Traveling the Country in an RV While Building an Online Business as a Mom


What does healing your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have in common with traveling the country in an RV with your family? This is what Catherine Middlebrooks has done and how she has chosen to make a living while pursuing motherhood.

Listen to this week’s episode to hear her story on how she has structured her business to allow her to work online, raise her family and travel the United States in an RV.


Meet Catherine

Catherine Middlebrooks is a yoga teacher, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, wife, Mom and the founder of brb Yoga and the Heal Your Core with Yoga program.

With the mind of a researcher and the heart of a yogi, Catherine geeks out on the science behind corrective exercise and helping moms like you restore your core strength so you can say YES to life again.

Catherine is currently taking yoga on the road, traveling the United States in an RV with her husband Paul and their two young children.

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034 Overcoming Post Partum Depression as a Mompreneur with Heaven Leigh Griffin

Post-Partum depression is not something moms should have to go through alone or in silence. I loved this conversation with Heaven Leigh Griffin, talking about this season of motherhood for her and how she overcame post-partum depression and her heart to help other women overcome it as well. You do not have to go through that alone momma, reach out!

Meet Heaven Leigh

Heaven Leigh is a Business Coach & Wealth Mentor and the founder of Her Divine Wealth, a platform for the boss lady ready to manifest her divine wealth and create the freedom and success she desires through a thriving business. Combining her passions for a woman’s powers, such as intuition, and business strategies, she has scaled her business to work with clients on their divine feminine and masculine energies to create the perfect business balance.

Heaven Leigh is a boy mom and Wealth & Business Coach who empowers women to build a successful business through wealth consciousness & manifestation. Her...

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Build Your Summer Bucket List for a Fun Summer With Kiddos

Why You Need a Summer Bucket List

If you’re anything like me, you can have all the well-meaning intentions, plans, and ideas for a fun summer with your kiddos, but without a plan, before you know it summer is over, you yelled more than you wanted to and you didn’t get to do the things and make the memories you wanted to.



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Summer Bucket List Workbook

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Having a summer bucket list is a rough plan for how you can create a fun, simple and memorable summer!

Memories take hard work. They don’t have to be expensive to make but they do take an intentional effort to create an environment for fun and memory making.

In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through how to create your own summer bucket list for your family and where to get ideas and inspiration. If you are doing laundry and...

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027 3 Steps to Creating a More Organized and Stress Free Home with Marie Jackson

Creating a stress-free home and environment is as easy as 1-2-3. In today’s episode, Marie Jackson walks us through the 3 steps to organizing and creating a stress-free home.


Meet Marie

An innate organizer and planner. A working mom to two with a third on the way. A veteran of Corporate America for ten plus years. A Fargo native and sports lover.

Creator of The Organized Planner which is designed for the working mom to help manage and organize personal and work life.

Organized Marie is a place for working moms to create simple, everyday organizing solutions for their home. Every working mom can have an organized, stress-free home.

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  • Organizing...
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026 How to Make Self Care a Priority with Shelly Robinson

Self care is something that is so necessary but often overlooked in motherhood today. Self-care is not a one size fits all for mothers and changes day to day. Begin today with this episode with Shelly Robinson and discover what fills you up as a mother and serves as your self care!

Sometimes, I’m not going to lie, self-care is taking a shower with no kids barging in while jamming out to Justin Timberlake on my Amazon Alexa.



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Meet Shelly

Shelly Robinson is the owner of Alively, a self-care subscription box for moms packed with wellness goodies and empowering activities designed to help you put the pep back in your step and the spunk back in your spirit. Think of it as self-care on cruise control.

Her mission in life is to be a seed planter, a hope spreader, and a truth teller so that moms know down to their core that they are worthy of a happy, purposeful life.

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017 Network as a Mom & Build Your Business Faster Through Connections

Networking as a mom and building connections to grow our businesses is often hard when we are raising kids, home bound with potty training toddlers and consumed with playing taxi for all the activities our family is involved in. There is no doubt about it that making genuine connections and networking can be what makes the difference in growing your business and can help you grow it faster!

In today’s podcast episode with Andrea Delucia, we talk about motherhood, business and networking as moms.


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Meet Andrea

Andrea DeLucia also known as (Andy) is a wife and mother of 4 she a serial mom-pruner, COACH, SPEAKER, AND CEO. She is the former owner of Elegance & Grace Weddings and the founder of Elite Workshop. With 13 years experience in planning and designing luxury weddings  Andrea has received many awards and recognition for her top notch She has designed campaigns working with National brand companies such...

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