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051 12 Ways to Make Money Online as a Mom with Katie Fleming

There is no better time than now to make money online as a mom. In today’s episode I’m diving into the 3 main categories that all money making options fall into and 12 options and ideas to get you started! Get your notebook out and be prepared to brainstorm all the ideas and you start your money making journey online as a mom.


There is no better time than now to make money online as a mom. In today’s episode I’m diving into the 3 main categories that all money making options fall into and 12 options and ideas to get you started! Get your notebook out and be prepared to brainstorm all the ideas and you start your money making journey online as a mom.

There are many more ways than just these 12 to make money. This list is not all inclusive but it is meant to be a great starting place for you to gain ideas and inspiration as you start your journey online.

In my opinion, all money making options from home stem from 3 main categories.

  1. Monetize Your...
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050 Top 10 Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs with Katie Fleming

Productivity as a mompreneur is possible. Here are our top 10 tips for your most productive day and week as a mompreneur juggling a household, kids, husband and a thriving business.

1. Implement your evening routine - prepare the night before

What can you do the night before to prepare yourself, your household and your business for a productive week? A strong evening routine can look like a lot of different things for you, but aim to let it be something that makes your morning easier, fills your self care cup up and also define your top 3 things you want to accomplish tomorrow. (more about that in #5)

2. Implement your morning routine

Do whatever you can to ensure that you are up before the kids whether it is 30 minutes, an hour or a few hours. Any length of time will work in order for you to get your mind right, fill your cup first and prepare to take care of tiny humans and build your business during the day.

Lately, my morning routine is a good hour. I spend time reading the...

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049 Supporting Other Women with Katie Fleming

Supporting and encouraging other women in your life is something small you can do today to make a big impact in our world. On the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, this is a call to Stop.Drop.Encourage. How can you uplift? How can you see the good? How can you promote others and help them go further down the path? As women, we have to rally behind each other as we all pursue our ambitions.

If you hop on Facebook or Instagram or even at the bar having drinks for a girls night, it won't be long before you hear someone tear down another woman.

"Can you believe she's doing that"

"Who does she think she is?"

"Where did she even come from to gain this following in the first place"

Every mean comment imaginable comes out of the mouths of other women about other women. And I'm over it. 

In today's podcast episode, give it a listen by the way because I say more than I'm saying in this blog post, I am calling out the bull crap and demanding that we all uplift and encourage. 

No more...

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048 5 Steps to a Strong Personal Brand with Katie Fleming

Are you putting priority on your personal brand and how you appear online to your audience, potential clients and professional relationships? What sets you apart from the pack of others doing what you are doing? It’s your personal brand. Learn the 5 tangible steps to building a strong personal brand on social media!


Show Notes

  • (0:20) Why you need to be concerned about your personal brand
  • (1:30) The Myspace Drama
  • (2:40) The way you present yourself on social, matters
  • (4:20) The 2018 Business Card You Have to Have!
  • (5:32) When was the last time you actually promoted your offer?
  • (6:38) Who needs a personal brand
  • (7:18) What New Girl has to do with personal branding
  • (8:32) New Girl or Friends #dmme
  • (9:50) Why would someone work with you and the 1 thing it comes down to
  • (10:45) My ninja skill
  • (11:11) Consider the way you look online
  • (11:20) The 5 Components of a Strong Personal Brand
  • (12:25) Mom photo hack
  • (14:00) The Ambitious Motherhood Tribe
  • (17:25) Are you striving...
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047 Ambitious Motherhood with Katie Fleming

What is Ambitious Motherhood and why did we change the podcast name? Ambitious Motherhood is for the mom who is chasing after her dreams in motherhood and in business. This is your permission slip to pursue all that you were created to be, and live out your calling both in your home and outside of your home.

Show Notes

  • (1:20) How to make money from your expertise
  • (1:40) Katie’s Ninja Skills
  • (2:22) Contribute income to your family while being home, raising your kids
  • (2:36) The transformation of the podcast
  • (3:34) What Ambitious Motherhood is all about
  • (4:34) What does your calling outside your home look like?
  • (6:00) My story
  • (9:35) Stewarding all the things well
  • (10:20) What ifs that you might be saying?
  • (12:05) The illusion of motherhood
  • (14:05) Using discernment in your motherhood journey

Links to Connect

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046 The 5 Minute Hack to Help You Have a Simple Morning With Your Kids - Breakfast Invitations with Beth @dayswithgrey

Breakfast Invitations is something that Beth created to help moms start their morning calm, collected and centered by creating simple activities for their kids to work on that are educational, fun and avoid turning on the TV first thing each morning. She encourages moms to keep set up simple and often shows moms on Instagram how to set them up in under 5 minutes. Creating opportunities for our kids to learn, play and explore doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.

 Meet Beth

Beth is the creator of Days with Grey, that provides manageable activities for preschoolers that help prepare for Kindergarten. As a previous educator of 13+ years, she knows how to sneak in important vocabulary to daily activities and is determined to show you how to do the same. Masters in Teaching Reading with an add-on for teaching gifted.


  • Meet Beth (00:30)
  • How Beth got started in business (03:03)
  • Be who you are (06:10)
  • Juggling motherhood and business (07:40)
  • Keeping the joy...
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045 How Moms Can Find Little Ways to Celebrate Every Day with Kids with Ashley Canipe

Life with littles doesn’t have to be elaborate or Pinterest Worthy to be able to celebrate and find the joy. In today’s episode with Ashley Canipe of The Littles & Me, she shares with us ways that we can practically weave in celebration into our everyday lives with our kids and create meaningful moments and opportunities to enjoy life, together.

Meet Ashley

Ashley is a wife and mama of two girls (ages 4 and 2). She believes in celebrating everyday moments, the power of play and spreading freshly squeezed joy along the way. On her blog she shares favorite kids activities, simple ideas for family fun, everyday ways to point your kids to Jesus + encouragement for your mama heart. She's a firm believer in living room dance parties, playing dress up, not taking yourself too seriously, and that life is truly worth celebrating.


  • Meet Ashley (01:25)
  • How did Ashley start producing content (05:00)
  • A typical week in Ashley’s house (06:50)
  • Struggling to...
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044 How to Make Money on Amazon as a Mompreneur with Kathleen Kobel

Selling on Amazon is a great way to make money from home, especially as a mom. In today’s podcast episode, Kathleen Kobel shares with us how to begin making money with Amazon.


Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Kobel is an Amazon expert seller and consultant who helps small businesses grow their brands and scale their sales by selling products on Amazon. Her mission is to help business owners increase their visibility, trust factor and profits by selling on a marketplace full of customers ready to buy.


  • Meet Kathleen (00:27)
  • How Kathleen started selling online (02:50)
  • The basics of the Amazon world (08:11)]
  • How has Amazon changed the past 5 years? (12:30)
  • Amazon Private Labeling (15:10)
  • Marketing your product on Amazon (17:38)
  • Restricted products (19:34)
  • Finding manufacturers (20:55)
  • What profit margins should you shoot for? (23:03)
  • Ranking your product on Amazon (24:55)
  • Getting an email list (27:58)
  • Amazon Merch (35:07)
  • How many hours a week does it take to run an...
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043 Tactics to Launch Your Business with Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa has honed her expertise over the years and really perfected her craft. Creating sales pages for her clients is her strength as well as showing other designers how to create a strong niche for themselves in the field. Listen in to hear her story.

Meet Melissa

Melissa Burkheimer is an award winning graphic designer, creative director + design visionary who helps well-known thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and personality brands create the BEST websites in their industry.

Today, her design studio stays at the forefront of the digital marketing industry by designing web sites and sales pages that elevate her customers' brands, products and services with the iconic design they deserve.

Her mission is simple: help her customers create identities + websites easily so they can spend their time doing the things they love. Melissa also mentors freelance web designers who want to grow 6-figure businesses and has been featured in Daily Worth, Social Media Examiner, and...

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042 5 Steps to Get Healthy Dinners on the Table Every Night with Jasmine Schmalhaus

Have you ever stepped in the kitchen with hungry kids and have no idea what to cook for dinner? In today's episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Jasmine Schmalhaus walks us through the 5 steps to planning simple, quick and healthy dinners for your family.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Schmalhaus, ‘JazzyThings,' traded in her corporate life for a life of creating taste bud parties. She is the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned, the host of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, and the author of over 10 healthy cookbooks.

With thousands of healthy recipes introduced into households across the world, her continuous mission is to prove that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun.


  • Meet Jasmine (00:30)
  • 5 tips for planning healthy dinners (03:30)
  • Plan your week with themes (05:25)
  • Compile and organize recipe (06:40)
  • Taking into account the things you have on hand and in your pantry (7:20)
  • Rotating change (8:15)
  • Display your meal plan, yes or no? (9:50)
  • How to create healthier...
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