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064 Affiliate Marketing & Going Your Own Way in Motherhood & Business with Jill Stanton

Have you ever felt like you were wired differently than everyone else whether in life, entrepreneurship or in motherhood? There’s nothing wrong with you. This episode with Jill Stanton of Screw The Nine To Five is a call to embrace your unique identify and not be afraid to go your own way.

Meet Jill

Jill Stanton is the co-founder of Screw The Nine To Five—her (and her husband, Josh’s) slice of the internet where they help transform unsatisfied employees into dangerously-successful entrepreneurs so they can work whenever they want from wherever they want!

She’s a new mom, has an inappropriate love for trashy tv and isn’t afraid of a tall glass of gin.


  • (2:00) Meet Jill Stanton (half of Screw the Nine to Five)
  • (5:56) What is affiliate marketing
  • (7:05) Niche & Authority Sites and selling them
  • (8:35) The possibilities of a niche site & authority sites
  • (11:00) How has life & business evolved for Jill since adding in motherhood...
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063 Getting it All Done in Your Business in 20 Hours or Less with Anna Frandsen

Have you ever wondered if building a full time business and income on part time hours is actually possible for you? In this podcast chat with Anna Frandsen, she opens up and shares about her schedule, work life and motherhood balance about how she builds a profitable business on part time hours.


Meet Anna

Anna is a heart-centered business coach, lover of green tea, postcard mailer, mama to two and radical optimist. She helps creative, driven women grow and streamline their online business and so they can reclaim their schedule, grow a loyal community and reach more people with their powerful message - on their own terms.


  • (2:00) Meet Anna
  • (4:26) Positioning your offer
  • (8:16) Where was life when Anna started her business
  • (8:50) Challenges fitting in business into motherhood
  • (12:59) Wha boundaries are in place during work life & mom life
  • (14:15) Balancing serving your current clients & marketing/selling
  • (20:11) How Anna outsources in motherhood...
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062 3 Systems to a More Organized Mom Life with Mika Perry

On today’s episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast with Mika Perry, we talk about 3 simple but powerful systems to have in place in your home to help motherhood and business run smoother. Having a system of organization in place helps you to bounce back when something doesn’t go as planned.


Meet Mika

Mika Perry is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, and co-host of the Good to Be Home podcast alongside her husband Russ Perry.

Good to Be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety, and how to achieve balance between business and life.

Mika and Russ live in Scottsdale, AZ with their three daughters. They have devoted their lives to building a solid foundation for their family through entrepreneurial endeavors and healthy practices, creating a beautiful and organized home, and encouraging honest conversations and strong relationships - all with the goal of living a successful, balanced, family-focused...

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061 How to Manage Motherhood & Business When Life Throws You a Curveball with Heather Crabtree

On this episode of Ambitious Motherhood hear how business strategist Heather Crabtree has persevered in life, business and motherhood in the midst of turmoil. Life throws curveballs, but you can press on with positivity!


Meet Heather

Heather is a Business Strategist and a Community Builder. She teaches women how to run a Savvy business + live a fulfilling life. She is also the founder of The Savvy Community, a membership experience for female entrepreneurs + the Savvy Business Circle, a 6-month mastermind + group program.

With a law degree in hand, she started her first post-law firm business hours at age 24, gained a business partner at 28, and sold the business 6 years later to start her current business. Now she mentors and speaks to lady entrepreneurs around the globe each year, encouraging and teaching women how to run a Savvy business + live a fulfilling life.

Heather is also a Mama to two beautiful two littles, Wifey to her hunky hubby, lover of people,...

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060 Tidying Up Your Life With Rachel Friend

On today’s episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we talk with Rachel Friend from episode one of the Netflix show, Tidying up With Marie Kondo. We talk about her time on the show, the process, is the house still clean and how the method has not only helped her home organization but life in general.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Friend is a communication professor, mindset coach, & mother who is all about creating more joy on this journey. She accomplishes this through her mission of teaching others the tools to get out of their own way so they can feel more empowered in their choices and build stronger connections to others--all of which lead to more joy.

Parenting has been something that has taught Rachel even more about herself and what she is passionate about. As a special needs mom, positive communication is something that is very important to her. She is a huge advocate for attachment parenting and loves sharing her perspective on different ways to promote more...

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050 Top 10 Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs with Katie Fleming

Productivity as a mompreneur is possible. Here are our top 10 tips for your most productive day and week as a mompreneur juggling a household, kids, husband and a thriving business.

1. Implement your evening routine - prepare the night before

What can you do the night before to prepare yourself, your household and your business for a productive week? A strong evening routine can look like a lot of different things for you, but aim to let it be something that makes your morning easier, fills your self care cup up and also define your top 3 things you want to accomplish tomorrow. (more about that in #5)

2. Implement your morning routine

Do whatever you can to ensure that you are up before the kids whether it is 30 minutes, an hour or a few hours. Any length of time will work in order for you to get your mind right, fill your cup first and prepare to take care of tiny humans and build your business during the day.

Lately, my morning routine is a good hour. I spend time reading the...

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047 Ambitious Motherhood with Katie Fleming

What is Ambitious Motherhood and why did we change the podcast name? Ambitious Motherhood is for the mom who is chasing after her dreams in motherhood and in business. This is your permission slip to pursue all that you were created to be, and live out your calling both in your home and outside of your home.

Show Notes

  • (1:20) How to make money from your expertise
  • (1:40) Katie’s Ninja Skills
  • (2:22) Contribute income to your family while being home, raising your kids
  • (2:36) The transformation of the podcast
  • (3:34) What Ambitious Motherhood is all about
  • (4:34) What does your calling outside your home look like?
  • (6:00) My story
  • (9:35) Stewarding all the things well
  • (10:20) What ifs that you might be saying?
  • (12:05) The illusion of motherhood
  • (14:05) Using discernment in your motherhood journey

Links to Connect

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046 The 5 Minute Hack to Help You Have a Simple Morning With Your Kids - Breakfast Invitations with Beth @dayswithgrey

Breakfast Invitations is something that Beth created to help moms start their morning calm, collected and centered by creating simple activities for their kids to work on that are educational, fun and avoid turning on the TV first thing each morning. She encourages moms to keep set up simple and often shows moms on Instagram how to set them up in under 5 minutes. Creating opportunities for our kids to learn, play and explore doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.

 Meet Beth

Beth is the creator of Days with Grey, that provides manageable activities for preschoolers that help prepare for Kindergarten. As a previous educator of 13+ years, she knows how to sneak in important vocabulary to daily activities and is determined to show you how to do the same. Masters in Teaching Reading with an add-on for teaching gifted.


  • Meet Beth (00:30)
  • How Beth got started in business (03:03)
  • Be who you are (06:10)
  • Juggling motherhood and business (07:40)
  • Keeping the joy...
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045 How Moms Can Find Little Ways to Celebrate Every Day with Kids with Ashley Canipe

Life with littles doesn’t have to be elaborate or Pinterest Worthy to be able to celebrate and find the joy. In today’s episode with Ashley Canipe of The Littles & Me, she shares with us ways that we can practically weave in celebration into our everyday lives with our kids and create meaningful moments and opportunities to enjoy life, together.

Meet Ashley

Ashley is a wife and mama of two girls (ages 4 and 2). She believes in celebrating everyday moments, the power of play and spreading freshly squeezed joy along the way. On her blog she shares favorite kids activities, simple ideas for family fun, everyday ways to point your kids to Jesus + encouragement for your mama heart. She's a firm believer in living room dance parties, playing dress up, not taking yourself too seriously, and that life is truly worth celebrating.


  • Meet Ashley (01:25)
  • How did Ashley start producing content (05:00)
  • A typical week in Ashley’s house (06:50)
  • Struggling to...
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044 How to Make Money on Amazon as a Mompreneur with Kathleen Kobel

Selling on Amazon is a great way to make money from home, especially as a mom. In today’s podcast episode, Kathleen Kobel shares with us how to begin making money with Amazon.


Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Kobel is an Amazon expert seller and consultant who helps small businesses grow their brands and scale their sales by selling products on Amazon. Her mission is to help business owners increase their visibility, trust factor and profits by selling on a marketplace full of customers ready to buy.


  • Meet Kathleen (00:27)
  • How Kathleen started selling online (02:50)
  • The basics of the Amazon world (08:11)]
  • How has Amazon changed the past 5 years? (12:30)
  • Amazon Private Labeling (15:10)
  • Marketing your product on Amazon (17:38)
  • Restricted products (19:34)
  • Finding manufacturers (20:55)
  • What profit margins should you shoot for? (23:03)
  • Ranking your product on Amazon (24:55)
  • Getting an email list (27:58)
  • Amazon Merch (35:07)
  • How many hours a week does it take to run an...
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