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047 Ambitious Motherhood with Katie Fleming

business motherhood podcast Sep 03, 2018

What is Ambitious Motherhood and why did we change the podcast name? Ambitious Motherhood is for the mom who is chasing after her dreams in motherhood and in business. This is your permission slip to pursue all that you were created to be, and live out your calling both in your home and outside of your home.

Show Notes

  • (1:20) How to make money from your expertise
  • (1:40) Katie’s Ninja Skills
  • (2:22) Contribute income to your family while being home, raising your kids
  • (2:36) The transformation of the podcast
  • (3:34) What Ambitious Motherhood is all about
  • (4:34) What does your calling outside your home look like?
  • (6:00) My story
  • (9:35) Stewarding all the things well
  • (10:20) What ifs that you might be saying?
  • (12:05) The illusion of motherhood
  • (14:05) Using discernment in your motherhood journey

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Katie Fleming

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