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069 The Counter Cultural Version of Motherhood Val Woerner

business mindset motherhood Apr 15, 2019

In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we chat with Val Woerner about her new book Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. She talks about her heart behind the book and the counter cultural version of motherhood we face today.  


Meet Val: Valerie Woerner is owner of Val Marie Paper and author of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday. Her mission is to create practical tools, including her original 6-month prompted prayer journal and content that equip women to cut through the noise of everyday life and find fullness of life in the presence of the Lord. She's married to her best friend, Tyler, and mom to two girls Vivi and Vana.


  • (:24) Meet Val
  • (2:13) We dive into Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday
  • (2:45) Val tells us her thought behind Grumpy Mom and how it came to be
  • (4:52) Val’s heart behind Grumpy Mom
  • (5:53) How Val arrived at the different themes for her book
  • (6:38) Val tells about her struggle in accepting her authority for writing the book
  • (9:58) How the world views motherhood and emotions
  • (12:00) Val explains how we can start to handle our emotions better
  • (13:23) What the world is saying to women about how to pursue their callings
  • (17:00) Action steps for the mom who feels a calling on her heart but doesn’t know how to pursue it
  • (19:07) Finding energy, mentally and physically, as a mom
  • (20:30) Val talks about the things we can control that zaps our energy
  • (22:10) The healthy side of exhaustion
  • (23:12) Motherhood and friendship
  • (24:30) The common excuses we make as moms as to why we don’t have the time for friends
  • (26:11) Val gives us practical steps to putting more priority on friendship
  • (27:12) Val talks about adding margin to life
  • (31:10) How to connect with Val

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