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059 How to STRESS Less in Your Mom Life with Courtney Elmer

business podcast Feb 04, 2019

In this episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, I get the pleasure of chatting with Courtney Elmer, the founder of the STRESS Less System. We talk about all things stress, mom life and how she has navigated started a business around her expertise, even when she didn't know what it would look like or the exact path she would take. 


Meet Courtney

After overcoming cancer at 25, Courtney has made it her mission to show her fellow mompreneurs how to eliminate stress and feel clear, focused, and in control of their life and business. {Or in other words, how to channel their inner Joanna Gaines and make it through the day without needing 4 cups of coffee and an entire bottle of dry shampoo.}

As a wife and mom herself, she understands the pressure that comes from wearing all the hats and the frustration of feeling like there’s never enough time to get to everything on the list.

As a speaker and business coach, Courtney teaches working moms how to have it all without having to do it all, so they can be more present with their families and enjoy the life that’s in front of them right now. After all, StressLESS, LiveMORE is her motto!

Courtney lives in Metairie with her husband Alan, their son AJ, and their fur-friends Ace and Deuce.


  • (1:50) Meet Courtney!
  • (7:42) Courtney’s journey to find success without the stress
  • (10:36) The steps to healing the stressful life
  • (17:00) Dealing with imposter syndrome when starting
  • (18:00) What was the first thing Courtney offered in her business
  • (19:55) Taking her business online
  • (22:23) The process of STRESSLess
  • (26:54) How to shift once identifying the stressors
  • (32:50) The difference between stress and overwhelm
  • (34:55) What would you tell your pre mom self?
  • (36:45) A simple routine and ritual to ground themselves in stress free living
  • (39:05) Take part in the MORNING BREATH CHALLENGE! Screenshot the show and tag us in your stories if you’re going to do the Morning Breath Challenge!
  • (40:00) The best book Courtney’s read and what’s up next on her list
  • (43:05) Connect with Courtney

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