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085 Lessons from a Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner with Stacy Tuschl

Sometimes being a successful business owner and mom can seem far fetched. In today's episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, we hear from Stacy Tuschl. She tells us how she built a thriving 7-figure business and then made intentional business decisions based on the things, like motherhood, that is most important to her allowing her to show up both in business and motherhood.

Meet Stacy

Stacy Tuschl is a Small Business Growth Coach, Best-Selling Author, and the creator of Foot Traffic Podcast & Community where she helps small business owners grow their local business. Stacy started her first business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a 7 figure business she still runs today. She is a mom of 2 little girls and married to her husband Kent.


  • (2:33) Stacy’s start as an entrepreneur right out of high school 
  • (4:53) The strengths Stacy learned in her brick-and-mortar business 
  • (6:02) The importance of delegating and bring on a team 
  • (6:53) A glimpse into the time Stacy spend working IN her brick-and-mortar company
  • (8:05) The systems Stacy put into place to allow her to focus on motherhood 
  • (12:36) Times Stacy has said no to things that world would look at and say “you’re crazy”
  • (13:47) How Stacy navigates being multi-passionate
  • (19:03) The priority of profit for Stacy
  • (21:45) Example of changes made
  • (22:59) Standing out from your competitors 
  • (25:26) The transition from working IN her business to working ON her business
  • (27:52) Intentionally changing her business to fit into mom life 
  • (31:06) The early challenges of starting an online business
  • (37:19) Connect with Stacy

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