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090 Pursuing Ambitious Motherhood & Marriage with Katie Fleming

As mompreneurs, it can be easy to get lost in the balancing act of motherhood, marriage, and business. In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Robbie talks with us about the importance of defining your roles and then living them out to the fullest. She shares with us how to keep marriage first, motherhood second and your personal calling third.


Meet Robbie:

Robbie Page is a direct sales mogul who has built multiple six & seven figure organizations with her husband Brian in different industries. Robbie is the founder and CEO of an ever growing woman's organization, Robbie's Gathering Place, that focuses on helping women grow in the areas of marriage, parenting, business, and spirituality. She has been dubbed the "queen of perspective". She mentors hundreds of women on a monthly basis and one-on-one trains business leaders for success. She is a published author, online personality and social influencer. Creator of one of the leading online wine communities for women, the Cabernet Crü. Robbie is constantly connecting women to other women in an increasingly disconnected world. 


  • (2:32) Meet Robbie
  • (3:46) Raising champion children
  • (7:07) What life looked like when Robbie started her business
  • (10:08) Defining your role
  • (12:27) Balancing strong personalities, dreams, and goals in marriage
  • (13:59) Robbie’s definition of submission in marriage
  • (18:16) How the blessing of a strong marriage has overflowed into her life and business
  • (21:07) Reigning back in when you think things have gone too far
  • (23:43) Creating balance in all seasons of life
  • (27:04) Daily and weekly things Robbie prioritize to set her days up for success
  • (32:11) Final words of encouragement
  • (33:28) Robbie's favorite books and what she is looking forward to reading
  • (35:09) Connect with Robbie

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