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067 Prioritizing Paying Yourself with Reina Pomeroy

business motherhood sales Apr 01, 2019

When you’re getting started in your business, paying yourself can feel far off. In this episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we chat with Reina Pomeroy all about how to prioritize paying yourself and tips on how to make sales feel ease-y.

Meet Reina Pomeroy

Reina Pomeroy is the Founder of Reina + Co and the Creator of the Profit & Serve Program. She helps creative entrepreneurs get laser focused so they can book more dreamy clients with ease, get paid to do what they love, and have the time to enjoy it. She is a Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author of the Big Plan for the Creative Mind, and Podcaster. Reina is the host of the Creative Empire Podcast and the Fueled with Heart Podcast. Reina’s work has been featured on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, Entrepreneur.com, Brit + Co, The Huffington Post, and the Rising Tide Society. Find out where you should be focusing in your business over at www.reinaandco.com/ceoreport.


  • (1:50) Meet Reina
  • (6:50) How Reina fought mom guilt while starting her business
  • (9:30) Reina’s first big break in her business
  • (10:40) The things Reina does daily to help create the right mindset to handle the day in both motherhood and business
  • (11:55) How Reina creates boundaries between business and motherhood
  • (14:45) The different categories of books on Reina’s bookshelf over the past year
  • (16:40) Reina talks about the importance of prioritizing paying yourself
  • (19:00) How Reina makes sells ease-y
  • (21:00) The obstacles Reina overcomes to create her money mindset
  • (24:05) Reina uncovers the beliefs associated with money
  • (27:50) How Reina works through those limiting beliefs
  • (29:00) Reina explains “the how” behind prioritizing paying yourself
  • (32:00) Reina explains “the when” to start paying yourself
  • (34:00) If Reina could start her business all over again in 2019, what would she do differently?
  • (36:40) What are her top two books she has read?
  • (39:10) How to connect with Reina

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