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084 Why Network Marketing is Your Next Smart Business Move with Katie Fleming & Allison Hardy

Do you love the idea of the network marketing business model but don’t love the way you’ve seen others build it using social media? Do you crave leveraged residual income, community, and love being paid while you’re sleeping? In this episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast Katie Fleming is talking with Allison Hardy on why network marketing is your next smart business move and how partnering with the right company can be added to your business and done well without compromising your integrity, cold messaging, bugging family and friends and all the things that aren’t so cool about the way network marketing has been done in the past. On today’s episode, we are flipping the script on how you can build network marketing the new way that brings in leads and signs clients and business builders without spamming your network!


  • (1:30) Meet Allison
  • (2:11) Why Allison was interested in adding network marketing to her business
  • (6:20) Reason #1: Affiliate marketing on steroids
  • (11:32) Why most are hesitant to join a network marketing company
  • (13:56) Reason #2: If you choose the right company it can sell itself
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Find Part 2 HERE on Allison’s 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast.  

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