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045 How Moms Can Find Little Ways to Celebrate Every Day with Kids with Ashley Canipe

motherhood podcast Aug 06, 2018

Life with littles doesn’t have to be elaborate or Pinterest Worthy to be able to celebrate and find the joy. In today’s episode with Ashley Canipe of The Littles & Me, she shares with us ways that we can practically weave in celebration into our everyday lives with our kids and create meaningful moments and opportunities to enjoy life, together.

Meet Ashley

Ashley is a wife and mama of two girls (ages 4 and 2). She believes in celebrating everyday moments, the power of play and spreading freshly squeezed joy along the way. On her blog she shares favorite kids activities, simple ideas for family fun, everyday ways to point your kids to Jesus + encouragement for your mama heart. She's a firm believer in living room dance parties, playing dress up, not taking yourself too seriously, and that life is truly worth celebrating.


  • Meet Ashley (01:25)
  • How did Ashley start producing content (05:00)
  • A typical week in Ashley’s house (06:50)
  • Struggling to build a business while raising children (12:58)
  • Why Ashley is so passionate about what she does (19:30)
  • What Ashley would tell her pre-mom self (25:47)
  • What is Ashley’s biggest joy in motherhood? (28:00)
  • 1 hack to help others manage motherhood and business well (30:40)
  • Ashley’s book recommendations(33:44)
  • How to connect with Ashley (35:10)

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