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093 6 Figures on Etsy Working 20 Hours or Less a Week with Lauren Keplinger

etsy mompreneur Sep 30, 2019

Have you ever thought about starting an Etsy business to sell something you have created? On today’s episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we are talking with Lauren Keplinger about her journey of starting and growing her Etsy business to where it is today.

Meet Lauren: 

Lauren Keplinger is an Etsy seller and coach for like-minded Etsy entrepreneurs. She started her shop, Funky Monkey Children, in 2012, and built it to a six-figure business with over $170,000 in annual revenue. She blogs and podcasts about selling on Etsy over at Creative Mom Boss and her digital course, Etsy Roadmap to Success teaches Etsy shop owners to take their shop from an inconsistent side hustle to a consistent income they can depend on.



  • (2:04) Meet Lauren 
  • (2:44) Lauren’s desires when she started her business
  • (5:26) What Lauren’s Etsy shop looked like when she first started
  • (6:17) Streamlining her product offering 
  • (8:42) Lauren’s recommendations of product offerings for those just starting out
  • (10:13) How Etsy has evolved over the last 7 years
  • (13:15) Overcoming the fear of “being late to the party” 
  • (14:35) Encouragement on creating a brand and standing out on Etsy
  • (17:40) The time commitment of Lauren’s Etsy shop
  • (21:09) The process Lauren takes her clients through to find their product offering
  • (27:21) If Lauren could start all over again in business, what would she change?
  • (30:00) Connect with Lauren


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