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077 Teachers Selling Resources Online with Kayse Morris

mompreneur opt-ins teacher Jun 10, 2019

Are you a teacher turned stay at home mom or are you a teacher wanting to grow an income on the side of teaching? Listen in to this episode to hear how Kayse Morris can help you learn how to sell your resources online and create an income outside of your teaching career.

Meet Kayse:

Kayse Morris is a former English and Language Arts teacher that now specializes in helping teachers transition from the classroom to online marketers by selling their teaching resources online. She’s been featured on Amazon LIVE, Georgia Public Television, and Sirius XM radio.

She speaks to teachers all over the world and inspires them to start living again by turning their passion into purpose. She is passionate about helping teachers live a life they love and make the income they've always dreamed of.


  • (2:25) Meet Kayse
  • (3:43) Why Kayse transitioned from teaching to online entrepreneur
  • (6:17) How Kayse helps her clients and the kind of transformation they see
  • (7:19) Kayse’s tells about her course she launches three times a year
  • (8:52) Why she only launches the course three times a year
  • (11:00) What products her teachers are creating
  • (14:39) Creating the best opt-in to increase the sale of your resources
  • (20:05) Pricing your offer
  • (21:43) Tips on how to get started with selling your resources
  • (23:48) Changing your mindset on selling
  • (27:25) If Kayse were starting from the beginning again, what would she tell herself
  • (29:05) Kayse’s go-to books and what she is looking forward to reading
  • (31:01) How to connect with Kayse and the details of her June launch

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