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091 6 Figures While Working Less Than Her Corporate Commute with Katie Ferro

Wondering if private coaching is for you? In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Katie Ferro gives a glimpse into the private coaching and mentorship relationship she has with Katie and how it has helped uplevel her business. She also shares with us the importance of prioritizing profits in your business.

Meet Katie: Katie Ferro is a licensed CPA with 10 years of tax and accounting experience, a fellow entrepreneur, & mama of two (soon to be 3!) little ones.

She's highly passionate about educating entrepreneurs to understand & organize the numbers side of their businesses so they can keep more hard earned money in their pockets, stay out of trouble, and get back to their zone of genius.

She's thankful entrepreneurship found her so that she can provide for her family while being a full time parent.  She spends her days at parks with her little ones and watches the sunset instead of sitting in rush hour traffic.

Her biggest motivator is to help other entrepreneurs live that same limitless life, and she does this by ensuring they set their businesses up properly to avoid getting slammed with surprise IRS bills that can cripple their business and send them back to working for "the man".


  • (1:22) Meet Katie Ferro
  • (2:55) What life and business looks like since working with Katie
  • (4:56) The changes Katie Ferro has experienced
  • (10:53) Katie Ferro’s working lifestyle
  • (14:15) Life in corporate versus life owning a business
  • (18:04) The decision-making process for Katie Ferro to begin private coaching 
  • (19:20) What attracted Katie Ferro to working with Katie
  • (23:08) What would Katie Ferro say to someone that is unsure of what the next step is and if they should work with Katie
  • (25:26) How private coaching is taking Katie Ferro to the next level 
  • (28:33) The importance of understanding the profit in your business
  • (33:41) The first step to begin understanding your business finances 
  • (36:06) Connect with Katie Ferro 

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