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075 Building a Successful Social Media Management Business with Kaitlyn Pierce

As long as you have the right systems in place launching a successful social media business isn’t hard. In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Kaitlyn tells us how she got her start in social media management, gives a few tips on creating habits to fit your lifestyle and tells us the pillars and systems needed to launch a successful social media management business.


Meet Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn Pierce is a New England girl from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts and is an entrepreneur at heart, having launched Pierce Social, her social media marketing company, in 2016.

Known for being a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur, Kaitlyn thrives on watching big ideas come to fruition and helping those throughout her community. As a wife and mom of two incredible little girls herself, her goal is to inspire them to think outside the box and do things that fill their heart by doing the same every day.

When she’s not designing the next character for her pacifier weaning startup, Binka Bear, or chasing the girls around outside, you can find her trying her hand at gardening or watercolors- two things that are still very much a “work in progress” for her at the moment.



  • (2:12) Meet Kaitlyn and where she started
  • (5:41) The moment Kaitlyn realized she could be fulfilling her passion from home
  • (7:16) What is a Social Media Manager
  • (8:38) How to create habits to make social media easy
  • (10:53) Treating your business and social media as if it is a reality tv show
  • (16:20) Kaitlyn talks about the start of Pierce Social and how she was able to quit her full-time job in 4 months
  • (21:33) The pillars needed for a successful social media business
  • (30:24) The importance of networking
  • (32:22) How Kaitlyn manages all of her different businesses
  • (37:07) How to connect with Kaitlyn


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