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068 How to Create a Sales Funnel With Content That Sells on Autopilot with Jessica Stansberry

When you are first starting in business, growing an audience can be difficult. In this episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we chat with Jessica Stansberry about how to grow that audience and tips on creating the content to bring in sales on autopilot.

Meet Jessica

Jessica Stansberry is a content marketing strategist for rockstar business owners who are ready to up-level and start using content to market their business on autopilot. She throws down knowledge-bombs with weekly free blog content, a YouTube channel, eCourses, 1-on-1 consulting, done-for-you services, and her FREE Facebook group. You can find out more at www.jessicastansberry.com.


  • (1:40) Meet Jessica
  • (2:56) Jessica defines “infopreneur”
  • (3:44) How to choose with income streams to focus on
  • (6:10) How Jessica built an audience in the beginning
  • (8:06) What would Jessica do differently in terms of strategy and client attraction if she could go back
  • (8:47) How Jessica currently networks
  • (10:13) Other ways to begin growing an audience when you aren’t on Youtube
  • (10:50) Jessica breaks down the “know, like, trust” factor
  • (13:23) How Jessica uses her content to bring her sales on autopilot
  • (16:00) The email sequence Jessica uses to lead to her other content
  • (17:45) Jessica explains how to stay in your content lanes while still leaving room for the spontaneous
  • (21:04) The first steps to begin defining your content for Youtube
  • (22:33) How to get started on Youtube
  • (24:34) Jessica shares her secrets to creating, scheduling, and batching her content
  • (28:14) All things keywords explained
  • (30:55) What to do with old content when you pivot in your business
  • (33:22) How Jessica tracks what content is bringing her viewers
  • (35:16) What Ambitious Motherhood means to Jessica
  • (37:18) Jessica tells us what she is currently reading
  • (40:00) How to connect with Jessica

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