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065 The Law of Attraction From a Christian Perspective with Jana Bishop

mindset podcast Mar 18, 2019

What does manifesting and law of attraction look like for the Christian? In today’s episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Jana Bishop & I chat candidly about our journey and thoughts. Enjoy this conversation from two gals who definitely don’t claim to be know it alls on the topic.

Meet Jana Bishop

Jana teaches others how to easily and practically establish their online presence through beautiful stock photos and Lightroom Presets. Spend any amount of time with her and you will be inspired to take your business to new heights as she empowers you to create a cohesive look for your brand, edit your own photos for social media, and walk the tightrope of being yourself online, while effortlessly selling your amazing products!


  • (2:34) Meet Jana
  • (4:50) When did she start styled stock photography
  • (6:30) How did you identify your expertise early on?
  • (7:38) How does business & life look today?
  • (10:30) Jana’s definition of law of attraction
  • (14:10) God is bigger than we can imagine
  • (16:07) What you seek you will find
  • (18:22) The poverty pedestal
  • (24:52) Money thermostat
  • (25:28) Surrendering control with the “how” abudnance comes in
  • (28:30) Co-creating with the Creator!
  • (28:58) When does inspiration come & what does Jana’s creative process look like?
  • (32:00) Surrender backed by ACTION...inspired action
  • (34:32) The importance of demonstration
  • (37:30) Thoughts on the differences between LOA and Christianity
  • (40:50) WORDS, the power of words
  • (42:38) Things Katie speaks over her kids over her children
  • (44:10) Connect with Jana
  • (48:51) Coupon code for presets

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