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055 How to Financially Treat Your Business Like a Business not a Hobby with Katie Ferro

business podcast Nov 19, 2018

Start your business online with a solid plan for your finances. Getting your bookkeeping in order and understanding your finances does not have to be complicated and in today’s episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Katie Ferro demystifies the process of handling your business finances and gives you tangible tips to implement today to get you on the right path!


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Meet Katie

Katie Ferro is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and fellow entrepreneur. She is a passionate supporter of female small businesses and wants to see women succeed in all areas of their businesses. Yes, even the "numbers side of things".

Katie has helped many female entrepreneurs find confidence and clarity as business owners and takes the fear and mystery out of taxes and record keeping. She breaks down seemingly complicated concepts and provides quick and easy-to-implement tips that make organizing simple, which saves time and money.

Katie is a mom to two toddlers, a 14 month old girl and a boy who will be 3 in January. When her business hat is off, she can be caught juggling her kids at local parks.


  • (2:06) Meet Katie
  • (3:52) How she first got herself out there and getting clients in the online space
  • (6:40) Working backwards to make money before you create...join the FREE class to learn how to do this.
  • (8:58) My take on the “low hanging fruit”
  • (10:04) Katie Ferro’s pivot
  • (12:42) Why the female entrepreneur should be interested in keeping the finances of their business under control
  • (19:30) How can we begin as we mean to go with our business finances
  • (28:35) There’s no right tool...just whatever you will do consistently
  • (29:20) Start today
  • (33:33) Demystifying accounting and taxes for your business
  • (34:25) The recurring things to maintain your bookkeeping
  • (42:00) The last 4 questions
  • (46:50) Where can you connect with Katie Ferro

Links to Connect

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