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098 Consistent $5k Months with a Small Audience

Are you working towards taking your expertise and turning it into a 6 figure online business that you can run on 20 hours a week or less? If so, in part 1 of Monetizing a Small Audience, we are diving into the things that you need to focus on and the things you need to completely avoid as you grow your business with a small audience and limited time. 


  • (1:50) Stop delaying sharing your expertise and showing up fully online
  • (3:27) The things to stop focusing on if you’re not at $5k consistent months
  • (4:11) The commitments of a successful online entrepreneur
  • (6:45) Your job as the leader of your community and audience
  • (7:48) What you don’t need to hit consistent $5k months in your business
  • (8:22) The business model you’ve been sold that’s holding you back
  • (9:45) The difference between a low ticket offer and a high ticket offer
  • (11:38) The power of flipping the value ladder
  • (12:45) Would high ticket work for your niche?
  • (14:30) Online space is noisy...how to bust through the noise
  • (17:58) A perspective of sales that feels full of ease
  • (19:50) Sales affirmation 
  • (20:00) What you really need to sell your high ticket offer
  • (21:00) Hands on exercise for you to do today

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