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088 Systems to Focus on Profit with Brittany Dixon

organization systems Aug 26, 2019

Feeling disorganized in your business? In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood Podcast, Brittany dives into all things systems and organization - both in business and at home. She shares why you need them, how to create systems that work for you and ways to document your tasks.

Meet Brittany:

Brittany Dixon is a Business Process & Systems Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping her clients create, document and refine structures and systems in their business to save time, create freedom, generate income and make a big impact in their own way. 

A mother herself, of Twin girls Kenna and Layla, Brittany started her Entrepreneurial journey in October 2015 when she started her Professional Organizing business Clutter Control. She then ventured into the online coaching world in March 2017. Prior to starting her businesses, Brittany spent 10 years in Customer Service, Event Planning, and Hospitality. 

Brittany loves working with her clients to implement systems and processes that work for their lifestyle, as productivity is not a one size fits all approach. She loves showing women entrepreneurs how to get more work done in less time, more efficiently so they can go back to spending time with their kids! 


  • (2:56) Why Brittany loves Trello
  • (5:09) Business & life for Brittany
  • (6:42) What Brittany’s business offer looked like when she started
  • (7:45) What Brittany is doing now
  • (8:38) ROAD to Scalability Method
  • (11:22) Documenting the tasks you do in your business
  • (14:09) The process Brittany takes her clients through
  • (15:28) The first system you need to create in your business
  • (17:08) How to document your systems
  • (20:15) Tangible ideas of how investing and documenting systems have helped Solopreneurs
  • (22:58) Systemizing your home 
  • (27:55) The best book Brittany has read & what she is looking forward to reading
  • (30:26) How to connect with Brittany

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