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095 Feeding Your Family Well as a Busy Mom Entrepreneur with Amy Vig

Today on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast Katie Fleming is talking with Amy Vig about her journey in motherhood and business and how today, she uses her expertise to guide parents to feed their families well without stress, overwhelm and endless prep and clean-up. Listen in as she shares hacks, strategies, and systems to help you with feeding your family well.  

Meet Amy: 

Amy is a natural foods chef, culinary instructor, and recipe writer who specializes in making whole, real, unprocessed food delicious. She's also a parent, just like you. Which means she knows that you probably don't want to spend all your time cooking and thinking about food and yet you really do want to feed your family well. This challenge is what inspired Amy to start Cooking with a Full Plate and her podcast, Feel Good Family Food, where she shares her best tips, tricks, and strategies for raising healthy kids (and parents) without all the stress and struggle.


  • (3:10) Meet Amy
  • (6:38) What brought Amy into the online space
  • (8:57) In the dreaming and creating space
  • (10:07) How Amy’s message has changed along the way
  • (15:20) Creating the systems to feed your family well
  • (21:45) Kitchen hacks to keep you out of the kitchen less
  • (28:37) Benefits of laying a healthy foundation
  • (31:23) Books Recommendations from Amy
  • (32:35) Connect with Amy

Check out our Book Recommendation Library to see that book's Amy recommended today in her episode along with books recommended by other guests!

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