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046 The 5 Minute Hack to Help You Have a Simple Morning With Your Kids - Breakfast Invitations with Beth @dayswithgrey

motherhood podcast Aug 13, 2018

Breakfast Invitations is something that Beth created to help moms start their morning calm, collected and centered by creating simple activities for their kids to work on that are educational, fun and avoid turning on the TV first thing each morning. She encourages moms to keep set up simple and often shows moms on Instagram how to set them up in under 5 minutes. Creating opportunities for our kids to learn, play and explore doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.

 Meet Beth

Beth is the creator of Days with Grey, that provides manageable activities for preschoolers that help prepare for Kindergarten. As a previous educator of 13+ years, she knows how to sneak in important vocabulary to daily activities and is determined to show you how to do the same. Masters in Teaching Reading with an add-on for teaching gifted.


  • Meet Beth (00:30)
  • How Beth got started in business (03:03)
  • Be who you are (06:10)
  • Juggling motherhood and business (07:40)
  • Keeping the joy with your kids (09:44)
  • Morning activity options (12:42)
  • Turning the T.V. off in the morning (19:35)
  • Being passionate about children (21:45)
  • What Beth would tell her pre-mom self (23:40)
  • Trust your gut as a new mom (25:15)
  • 1 hack to help others manage motherhood well (27:21)
  • Favorite app/software/system Beth recommends right now (29:15)
  • Beth’s book recommendations (31:06)
  • How to connect with Beth (33:58)

Links to Connect

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