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099 Identify the Problem Your Business Solves with Katie Fleming

Businesses exist to solve problems. What is the problem and solution that your business solves? In this episode we will get clear on your expert positioning and your niche statement to describe who and how you help.


  • (0:30) Get caught up on Part 1
  • (1:20) Business owners get paid to solve problems
  • (5:00) The power of messaging
  • (6:00) The paradox of giving away a ton of free value
  • (7:37) The mindset and awareness of your ideal clients
  • (11:50) The missing link from your ideal client avatar document
  • (15:00) The mindset crap that comes up when you sell high ticket 
  • (16:30) The Knowledge Bias
  • (19:00) Identify your unique unfair advantages
  • (21:00) The truth is
  • (22:12) Craft your niche statement
  • (25:30) The 3 things you need for a successful & profitable business 
  • (25:53) Craft your 6 Figure Action Plan

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098 Consistent $5k Months with a Small Audience

Are you working towards taking your expertise and turning it into a 6 figure online business that you can run on 20 hours a week or less? If so, in part 1 of Monetizing a Small Audience, we are diving into the things that you need to focus on and the things you need to completely avoid as you grow your business with a small audience and limited time. 


  • (1:50) Stop delaying sharing your expertise and showing up fully online
  • (3:27) The things to stop focusing on if you’re not at $5k consistent months
  • (4:11) The commitments of a successful online entrepreneur
  • (6:45) Your job as the leader of your community and audience
  • (7:48) What you don’t need to hit consistent $5k months in your business
  • (8:22) The business model you’ve been sold that’s holding you back
  • (9:45) The difference between a low ticket offer and a high ticket offer
  • (11:38) The power of flipping the value ladder
  • (12:45) Would high ticket work for your niche?
  • (14:30) Online space...
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097 Living a Life of Impact & Legacy with Rachel McMichael

Do you seek to live a life of impact, income, and legacy? In today’s podcast episode Rachel McMichael is sharing how she weaves her heart and passion for impact and legacy into her business, how she focuses on profitability and runs 3 businesses working minimal hours a week.

Meet Rachel: 

Rachel McMichael is a business strategist and coach who helps female entrepreneurs grow a thriving business by teaching them how to generate more leads, make more sales, and create a massive impact… without all the hustle. 

Through her signature program, The Business with Impact Society, and her podcast, Business with Impact, Rachel works with driven entrepreneurs to bring them the strategies they need to build a business that allows them to live the life they love while still creating a massive impact.

Her ravings fans and clients have called her “a fantastic mentor” and have said, “Working with Rachel has honestly been the best business decision I have...

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096 Time Blocking - The How & The Why with Katie Fleming

Are you ready to feel on top of your calendar and task list and end each week feeling on fire and know that your business is moving to the next level and you appropriately managed the major asset you have, your time? This week on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we talk all about time blocking, what it is, why you need it and how to implement it into your life and business.


  • (2:35) What is time blocking?
  • (3:01) The benefit of the structure with time blocking
  • (4:48) Thinking of time blocking as a budget of your time
  • (8:31) Tools to begin time blocking and adding personal tasks first
  • (10:07) Adding time for business tasks
  • (13:23) Giving the appropriate blocks of time for the task at hand
  • (14:32) Katie’s pro tip
  • (15:36) Winding down routine

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    • If you're...
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095 Feeding Your Family Well as a Busy Mom Entrepreneur with Amy Vig

Today on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast Katie Fleming is talking with Amy Vig about her journey in motherhood and business and how today, she uses her expertise to guide parents to feed their families well without stress, overwhelm and endless prep and clean-up. Listen in as she shares hacks, strategies, and systems to help you with feeding your family well.  

Meet Amy: 

Amy is a natural foods chef, culinary instructor, and recipe writer who specializes in making whole, real, unprocessed food delicious. She's also a parent, just like you. Which means she knows that you probably don't want to spend all your time cooking and thinking about food and yet you really do want to feed your family well. This challenge is what inspired Amy to start Cooking with a Full Plate and her podcast, Feel Good Family Food, where she shares her best tips, tricks, and strategies for raising healthy kids (and parents) without all the stress and struggle.


  • (3:10) Meet Amy
  • ...
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094 The Vibe of Being Sold On You with Katie Fleming

Are you sold on what you are selling? On today’s episode of the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we are talking about how to get the most important person in the sales equation onboard and sold with what you are selling.


  • (1:30) Being sold on you
  • (3:21) Indicators you experience when you are not completely sold on what you are selling
  • (5:30) Sales are simple when you identify the need 
  • (7:10) Sales don't have to be daunting
  • (8:41) Recognize the problem and provide the solution
  • (11:34) Getting fully convinced on the services you offer
  • (12:16) Getting to a place of being sold on you 
  • (17:16) Journaling 
  • (18:25) Getting hyped
  • (23:17) Providing value versus proving value

Looking to add to your book collection? Check out all the books that have been recommended by our guests here!

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093 6 Figures on Etsy Working 20 Hours or Less a Week with Lauren Keplinger

Have you ever thought about starting an Etsy business to sell something you have created? On today’s episode on the Ambitious Motherhood Podcast we are talking with Lauren Keplinger about her journey of starting and growing her Etsy business to where it is today.

Meet Lauren: 

Lauren Keplinger is an Etsy seller and coach for like-minded Etsy entrepreneurs. She started her shop, Funky Monkey Children, in 2012, and built it to a six-figure business with over $170,000 in annual revenue. She blogs and podcasts about selling on Etsy over at Creative Mom Boss and her digital course, Etsy Roadmap to Success teaches Etsy shop owners to take their shop from an inconsistent side hustle to a consistent income they can depend on.



  • (2:04) Meet Lauren 
  • (2:44) Lauren’s desires when she started her business
  • (5:26) What Lauren’s Etsy shop looked like when she first started
  • (6:17) Streamlining her product offering 
  • (8:42) Lauren’s...
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092 Attract More Clients By Crafting Your Core Marketing Message with Katie Fleming

Are you attracting your ideal clients into your business? On today’s podcast episode Katie Fleming is diving into messaging and how to create your core marketing message to attract prospects who are ideal clients and ready to work with you!


  • (2:11) Building a marketing message
  • (2:50) 4 things that get easier when your message is clear
  • (7:22) Why having a strong marketing messages matters
  • (9:52) Characteristics about you that will make you stand out
  • (11:30) Building credibility and recognization in the marketplace
  • (13:31) Using your market message as a guiding framework for your business
  • (14:52) Strengthening the trust and loyalty factor with your customers/clients
  • (15:50) Increase refer-ability
  • (17:05) Your business heartbeat
  • (19:42) Developing your core marketing message
  • (21:22) Knowing who your ideal client is
  • (24:24) Conducting market research
  • (30:04) Keeping your marketing message clear over cleaver


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  • Connect with Katie


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091 6 Figures While Working Less Than Her Corporate Commute with Katie Ferro

Wondering if private coaching is for you? In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Katie Ferro gives a glimpse into the private coaching and mentorship relationship she has with Katie and how it has helped uplevel her business. She also shares with us the importance of prioritizing profits in your business.

Meet Katie: Katie Ferro is a licensed CPA with 10 years of tax and accounting experience, a fellow entrepreneur, & mama of two (soon to be 3!) little ones.

She's highly passionate about educating entrepreneurs to understand & organize the numbers side of their businesses so they can keep more hard earned money in their pockets, stay out of trouble, and get back to their zone of genius.

She's thankful entrepreneurship found her so that she can provide for her family while being a full time parent.  She spends her days at parks with her little ones and watches the sunset instead of sitting in rush hour traffic.

Her biggest motivator is to help other entrepreneurs...

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090 Pursuing Ambitious Motherhood & Marriage with Katie Fleming

As mompreneurs, it can be easy to get lost in the balancing act of motherhood, marriage, and business. In this episode of Ambitious Motherhood, Robbie talks with us about the importance of defining your roles and then living them out to the fullest. She shares with us how to keep marriage first, motherhood second and your personal calling third.


Meet Robbie:

Robbie Page is a direct sales mogul who has built multiple six & seven figure organizations with her husband Brian in different industries. Robbie is the founder and CEO of an ever growing woman's organization, Robbie's Gathering Place, that focuses on helping women grow in the areas of marriage, parenting, business, and spirituality. She has been dubbed the "queen of perspective". She mentors hundreds of women on a monthly basis and one-on-one trains business leaders for success. She is a published author, online personality and social influencer. Creator of one of the leading online wine communities for women,...

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